Terms & Conditions

We know most of us don’t read Terms & Conditions. And as attorneys, we know our profession is guilty of awful, confusing, verbose writing. So we’ve tried to write our Terms in plain language and keep them short. The key points here are common sense ideas: Don’t steal our work, share it with others, and we can’t guarantee you’ll get into college by taking our course. By using our site or buying any product from us, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

I. Use and Access

Once you’ve registered and provided payment information, you’ll have access to certain proprietary materials. That just means the thinking and writing that we came up with for this course belongs to us.

You can’t share any of our proprietary materials with anyone else. Technically, you’re buying a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free license to use Admitium’s proprietary information only for your personal use.  This means three things:  

 First, please don’t share your account login. If we determine you’ve shared your login, you’ve broken your promise to us and we’ll cancel your account with no refund. We know sharing logins can seem commonplace these days. But we worked hard on this course. So when you share a login with someone, and they get access without paying, you’re stealing from us. Don’t do that. It’s OK to share your login with your parents. But only one person can access an account at a time. Look: If you want to share your account with someone else (especially if they can’t afford one of our courses), please have them email us and we’ll try to accommodate them: [email protected].

Second, we give a ton of examples in our courses. That’s to help you. But do not use any of them in your applications: that’s plagiarism and it’s wrong. Many students take this course. We’ve tried to choose unique ideas, words, phrases. If an admission office notices two applications both citing an unusual example or using the same colorful phrase, that’s enough to jeopardize your admission chances. Plus, if it came from us, it didn’t come from you. So it’s not genuine anyway and won’t be as effective.  Watch the classes, get inspired, create, and think for yourself!

Third, your access to anything you purchase is only good for one year from the date of purchase.

II. Refunds

All refunds are subject to Admitium’s approval. We think we’ve put together a compelling and helpful course. If you genuinely believe the course wasn’t helpful, then please send us an email explaining your specific reasons why you deserve your money back: [email protected].  

III. No Warranties

Admitium does not (and cannot) promise that by taking our courses you’ll be accepted to any particular schools.

If you don’t already know, the college admissions process is super subjective. Even an incredible applicant with an amazing application might end up in the hands of a reader that just doesn’t find them interesting at the end of a long day. That’s all it takes.  We can promise that you’ll learn helpful insights on the admissions process, writing, and advocating for yourself. 

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