i. admissions masterclass

Masterclass draws on my experience as an attorney, teacher, and Stanford admission officer to help you present the best version of your student-self to colleges. In this ten-hour, on-demand course, we’ll cover every part of the process with detailed examples and every strategic move I know to help you submit an application you’re proud of. For details on the course, check out our syllabus. 


ii. writing workshop

Writing Workshop is for students who only want help on their essays. Our Workshop provides access to everything we teach on writing essays in our Masterclass. (So if you enroll in Masterclass, you have access to the same material in Writing Workshop.) We’ll teach you where to research winning topics, dissect compelling essay examples, and talk tactics sentence-by-sentence. We’ll study five personal essays, key supplemental essays like the Why Our College Essay, and short answers. For details on the course, check out our syllabus.



iii. individual classes

If you’re only interested in a specific class we cover in Admissions Masterclass, we’re currently offering Class I–IV below.

What are colleges looking for? I hear so many unhelpful answers: “Just be yourself.” “We’re looking for all types.” “Every college is looking for something different.” I understand the spirit of those points, but I have a different approach. In this foundational class, I teach you specifics: The three key concepts that are part of every compelling application to every school: Intellectual Vitality, Points of Excellence, and Texture.


I know you’ve heard this: “We have a holistic process. There’s no formula.” That’s an incomplete answer at best. Because every admission officer has to evaluate applicants against the same standard. That standard is a common set of ratings all AOs use to evaluate all applicants. The purpose of this class is to help you understand the  admission process from the perspective of an AO: from reading an application to voting in committee. Why? Because when we apply to college, we’re engaged in a persuasive effort to transform our AO from skeptical-judge to personal-advocate. And the best way to do that is by understanding who an AO is and how they do their job.
“What should I do outside the classroom to make myself competitive for college?” No admission officer will talk to you about specifics. They just tell you to pursue things you care about. I want you to do that too. But I also want you to be strategic. And those two ideas are not mutually exclusive. In this class, I teach you about specific activities: from elite science competitions to prestigious writing courses. But once you understand the logic behind why admissions values certain activities, you’ll understand how you can turn many activities—that you authentically enjoy and find important—into activities colleges find compelling.
Most students just quickly fill out the CommonApp and focus on the Personal Essay. Not us. We’re going to walk through the CommonApp and discuss how an admission officer thinks about each section. Our goal: to point out every insight that will help you avoid common mistakes and standout by crafting an uncommon application. If you want our detailed analysis on the Activities Page, that’s in Masterclass V and is only available with Admissions Masterclass. See the syllabus above for more details.

Masterclass vs. Workshop vs. Individual Classes

Admissions Masterclass: This is our full course. You have access to all 10 classes. (About 10 hours of content.)

Writing Workshop: This provides access to the same material in our writing classes from Masterclass 6, 7, and 8.  (About 4 hours of content).  

Individual Classes: These are the same first four classes from Masterclass: 1, 2, 3, and 4.  Only Masterclass offers access to Class 5, 9, and 10. 

Course Details

Access: You have access to anything you buy for one-year. 

Sharing: Students and parents can share an account. But only one user can be logged-in at a time.

Format: On-demand: Watch what you want, when you want. I also provide links to important information. For example: Class 5 on Activities links to about 40 competitions, programs, and other smart activities that colleges value.

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